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May 29th 2019
The Ontario government have indicated that all licence plates issued in the province from February 2020 will be of the revised blue-background design.
The change in plate background colour is expected to impact the visibility and aesthetic appeal of many logos and graphics currently offered by various groups and organizations.
As some graphics rely on the white background of the current plate, it is probable that Service Ontario may offer program administrators an opportunity to revise graphics.
It has been communicated that there will be a cost associated with such revisions – even with the ability to revise, there are some graphics that simply do not look as aesthetically pleasing on a blue background plate, particularly if the logo/image composition includes a blue/teal colour.
With this in mind, the Ontario Geocaching Graphic Licence Plate Project will likely cease on December 31st 2019, at which point the Geocaching graphic will not be available for licence plates on/after January 1st 2020.
If Service Ontario present options for the Ontario Geocaching Graphic Licence Plate Project that are visually suitable and not cost inducing, this position may be reconsidered.
All Ontario licence plates issued to date will of course still be valid for present and future validation when affixed to a licenced vehicle.
If you wish to acquire a new Geocaching graphic licence plate (with the current white background) you should place your order before December 31st 2019.
The http://www.driventogeocache.ca site has an Frequently Asked Questions page that should cover most/all questions for those who wish to acquire a Geocaching graphic licence plate.
If your existing (graphic or non-graphic) Ontario licence plates are peeling/bubbling – you may have Service Ontario warranty options if the licence plate is less than 5 years old.
Please refer to https://www.ontario.ca/page/replace-lost-stolen-or-damaged-licence-plate-or-personalized-licence-plate#section-4
For Warranty claims as assessed by Service Ontario staff:
If you wish to replace your existing personalized (e.g. “Vanity”) licence plate, Service Ontario will order you a new licence plate (same number) which will be shipped to your home.
If you wish to replace your existing non-personalized graphic licence plate, Service Ontario will either hand you a plate over the counter (if graphic is in stock) or ship a new licence plate (new number) to your home.
If you wish to replace your existing non-personalized, non-graphic licence plate – Service Ontario should hand you a new licence plate over the desk.
Licence plates produced after February 1st 2020 will be with the new design and blue background.
If you simply wish to replace your existing Ontario licence plates (e.g. if they are bent) with new licence plates, Service Ontario will process replacement licence plates for a fee.
Service Ontario charge $99.10 for replacement personalized licence plates or graphic personalized licence plates (same number) – $53.90 will be the cost to replace graphic licence plates (new number).
The information provided above is intended only as a guide – all questions regarding licence plates (Geocaching graphic or otherwise) should be directed to Service Ontario.
Thank you to everyone for their support of the Ontario Geocaching Licence Plate Program over the past eight years.
A particular thank you to Geocaching HQ as well as Abby and Doris from Service Ontario, who have supported us as much as they possibly could since the project began.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these real licence plates that I can put on my vehicle?

A: YES! They are approved by the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario and available from Service Ontario. They can be affixed to vehicles registered in Ontario.

Q: How did this project start?

A: RCA777 approached Groundspeak and Service Ontario in 2011 with an idea. A year later, with a huge amount of support from the geocaching community, 200 sets of plates were pre-ordered. The folks who ordered the original 200 plates have numbers between 01GC01 and 01GC99, 02GC01 and 02GC99.. as well as 03GC01 and 03GC02. Any plates you see on the road (personalized plates with the graphic or plates with the number 03GC03 and onwards) were made possible by the purchasers or the original 200 plates.

Q: Are these “Official” plates? Does Groundspeak know you are using the Geocaching.com® logo?

A: Of course! Central Ontario Geocachers has been issued a special trademark licence for this project by Groundspeak. The project was mentioned in their blog!

Q: Where can I get Geocaching.com Licence Plates for my vehicle?

A: You can order graphic licence plates from your local Service Ontario office.

Q: I have a truck; can I get plates for that?

A: If you have a car… or truck…. or an ambulance, an armoured vehicle, a cab and chassis, a casket wagon, a tractor designed for hauling trailers on a highway, a fire fighting vehicle, a garbage truck, a hearse, a rescue vehicle, a stake, a tanker, a tow truck or a commercial vehicle body that has a beverage rack, concrete mixer, concrete pumper, flusher, glass rack, refrigerator or snow plow.. then you can get graphic licence plates. Yes. We checked.

Q: How Much Do They Cost?

The pricing is always available on the Ontario.ca website – a summary of pricing (last updated June 2018) is listed below.

$82.15 + HST for a graphic plate that has two digits, the letters “GC” and then two other digits (number issued randomly by Service Ontario)

$138.65 + HST for  a graphic to be added to any existing personalized licence plates that you already own (as long as it is 6 characters incl. spaces or less)

$336.40 + HST for new personalized plates with graphic and the number/words of your choice if available (as long as it is 6 characters incl. spaces or less)

Yes, the $82.15 plates are certainly the least expensive and the most popular!

Q: What about my plate sticker? What about my existing licence plates? How do I legally “register” my vehicle to use the new plates?

If you order new graphic licence plates, they will arrive in the mail from Service Ontario (usually within 4 – 6 weeks) with a plate ownership form. You then take your vehicle ownership document, your insurance pink slip (for policy info), your old plates, your new plates and the ownership form to a Service Ontario office. The agent will give you a new sticker for your new licence plates and reclaim your old plates; your ownership document will be updated if needed to show your new plate number. If your plate sticker is set to expire in the near future, the agent may suggest/require you renew your plate sticker during the same visit.

Q: Who makes money here?

A: The Ontario Government. Neither Central Ontario Geocachers or Groundspeak/Geocaching.com® receive any money from plate sales.

Q: Are these plates trackable?

A: No. Sorry. We tried. One issue with the plates is that they are issued in sequence — and folks can guess what the trackable codes are; they can see one… and “Discover” them all. The other issue is that Groundspeak just aren’t “set up” for customized/personalized tracking codes. Yet. Yeah. We know. The irony that the licence plate says “Yours To Discover” isn’t lost on us. Some folks have paid for a personalize plate and have chosen their own trackable number as the licence plate number. It’s an expensive option…. others have simply tie-wrapped a regular Travel Bug to them!

Q: Any other tips for visiting/ordering my plates from Service Ontario?

A: Be patient….. most offices have never heard of this graphic. The geocaching plate is “Style/Graphic #0087” and it is found under “Sports and Recreation” in the Service Ontario catalogue. It might save you time to write “GRAPHIC #0087” on a sticky note when you head to Service Ontario. Take your Driver’s Licence and current copy of vehicle/plate ownership when you go to order your new plates. It is also very important to know that there should not be a $10 fee for having your graphic plates transferred to your vehicle for the first time! If someone at Service Ontario asks you to pay $10 — then show them the circled line (see below) on the sheet that was provided with your plates.


If they STILL say there’s a $10 fee – please ask them to call the Service Ontario Products & Services Office !

Q: Can I buy a license plate for someone else?

Yes. Service Ontario will sell a gift certificate that can be used at any Service Ontario location towards the purchase of a Service Ontario product/service. Many locations have “appeared to be unaware” of the existence of gift certificates (they look like cheques). If you ask for a gift certificate and the response is… “uncertain” .. then the Service Ontario office can call their Kingston Hotline for instructions. Even if you are buying a plate for someone else, they may ask for your drivers licence; this is normal as their system wishes to generate a receipt with your name and address — and their computer scans the back of your licence to obtain that information. The gift certificate needs to be for the amount of the plate (e.g. $82.15 if a regular issue plate) and it should be printed and handed to you. The gift certificate can be used at any Service Ontario office.

Q: My plate is damaged! What I do?

Ontario licence plates have a 5 year manufacturers warranty (seriously!). If you experience peeling of the plastic layer of any Ontario licence plate (not just the geocaching graphic plates) in the first 5 years of ownership go to a Service Ontario office!  If a graphic plate needs to be replaced under warranty – Service Ontario will issue the next plate they have on hand. If a personalized graphic plate needs to be replaced, Service Ontario will process an order for a new plate with your old number.  These are standard Service Ontario policies; they aren’t specific to the geocaching licence plates.   For more info, visit https://www.ontario.ca/faq/how-can-i-replace-lost-stolen-or-damaged-licence-plate-or-personalized-licence-plate.

Q: Do they look good?

A: They look great! If you’d like your plate added to this page… let us know!

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Even Tupper T. Turtle from the Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour has a plate!