Ontario PQs – All Active Caches In The Province

Last updated April 24th 2017 — you should be able to revise yourself between updates.

If you are comfortable with GSAK – this list should make sense without much more explanation!

What to Do

1) Log in to Geocaching.com
2) Click URL from the list below
3) On the screen that appears, click Submit
4) Move to the next URL
5) Repeat from Step #2 until done!

The List

 COGAAA – Feb/17/01 to May/11/05
 COGAAB – May/12/05 to Oct/07/06
 COGAAC – Oct/08/06 to Aug/30/07
 COGAAD – Aug/31/07 to Jun/10/08
 COGAAE – Jun/11/08 to Dec/25/08
 COGAAF – Dec/26/08 to Jun/08/09
 COGAAG – Jun/09/09 to Oct/17/09
 COGAAH – Oct/18/09 to Mar/12/10
 COGAAI – Mar/13/10 to May/21/10
 COGAAJ – May/22/10 to Aug/20/10
 COGAAK – Aug/21/10 to Nov/11/10
 COGAAL – Nov/12/10 to Apr/09/11
 COGAAM – Apr/10/11 to Jun/08/11
 COGAAN – Jun/09/11 to Aug/12/11
 COGAAO – Aug/13/11 to Oct/15/11
 COGAAP – Oct/16/11 to Jan/14/12
 COGAAQ – Jan/15/12 to Mar/24/12
 COGAAR – Mar/25/12 to Apr/29/12
 COGAAS – Apr/30/12 to Jun/20/12
 COGAAT – Jun/21/12 to Aug/11/12
 COGAAU – Aug/12/12 to Sep/26/12
 COGAAV – Sep/27/12 to Dec/01/12
 COGAAW – Dec/02/12 to Feb/25/13
 COGAAX – Feb/26/13 to Apr/22/13
 COGAAY – Apr/23/13 to Jun/08/13
 COGAAZ – Jun/09/13 to Jul/25/13
 COGABA – Jul/26/13 to Aug/22/13
 COGABB – Aug/23/13 to Oct/04/13
 COGABC – Oct/05/13 to Dec/12/13
 COGABD – Dec/13/13 to Apr/06/14
 COGABE – Apr/07/14 to May/17/14
 COGABF – May/18/14 to Jun/24/14
 COGABG – Jun/25/14 to Jul/29/14
 COGABH – Jul/30/14 to Sep/06/14
 COGABI – Sep/07/14 to Oct/25/14
 COGABJ – Oct/26/14 to Jan/05/15
 COGABK – Jan/06/15 to Mar/28/15
 COGABL – Mar/29/15 to Apr/29/15
 COGABM – Apr/30/15 to May/29/15
 COGABN – May/30/15 to Jul/02/15
 COGABO – Jul/03/15 to Aug/08/15
 COGABP – Aug/09/15 to Sep/14/15
 COGABQ – Sep/15/15 to Oct/24/15
 COGABR – Oct/25/15 to Dec/15/15
 COGABS – Dec/16/15 to Feb/14/16
 COGABT – Feb/15/16 to Apr/01/16
 COGABU – Apr/02/16 to Apr/29/16
 COGABV – Apr/30/16 to May/22/16
 COGABW – May/23/16 to Jun/24/16
 COGABX – Jun/25/16 to Jul/23/16
 COGABY – Jul/24/16 to Aug/27/16
 COGABZ – Aug/28/16 to Oct/05/16
 COGBAA – Oct/06/16 to Oct/21/16
 COGBAB – Oct/22/16 to Dec/06/16
 COGBAC – Dec/07/16 to Jan/31/17
 COGBAD – Feb/01/17 to Mar/20/17
COGBAE – Mar/21/17 to Apr/23/17
COGBAF – Apr/24/17 to Dec/31/17


When to Run

Once done, choose the days of the week you want etc etc. – 9 a day is recommended.
The PQs are getting ALL caches in the data range; do not choose “Disabled” or “Enabled” – let GSAK work that out with a filter.


NEVER delete an Ontario cache from GSAK — there’s no need to maintain separate GSAK databases.
There’s no harm in having Archived caches – just filter them out.
You’ll be happier with ONE database of your found and unfound for Ontario in the long run.
Use the GSAK option “Status Check” to check every cache and update if it’s enabled/disabled/archived — it takes ~1 hour for 55000 caches.

Note : Sharing GPX data is a Geocaching.com Terms of Use violation; being banned by HQ isn’t fun – generate your own PQs with these links. 🙂